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Family law solutions Harrow, London

Aston Brooke houses family law solicitors in Harrow who are equipped with modern communications and technology. We offer high-quality and personal service throughout England and Wales. Our family solicitors in Harrow are experts in resolving family disputes legally.

We offer bespoke, robust legal solutions for your family problems and cover all aspects that surround the case. Our family lawyers in London have got you covered from divorce, children’s cases, mediation, civil partnership, abuse and domestic agreements.  

What is family law?

Family law involves legal intervention that focuses on issues with respect to family relationships. It also covers certain essential aspects such as divorce, adoption, and child custody. Firms that provide law services appoint attorneys who represent clients in family court proceedings. Certain family attorneys are specialists in adoption, paternity, and emancipation. divorce solicitors in london deal with assisting families with legal aspects of divorce, adoption, and child custody. 

How can we help you?

Our office at Harrow, London caters to a wide audience, offering the best legal services for family disputes. Our Family Law Solicitors are specialists and come with rich experience to help you sail through the crisis as smoothly as possible. Here is a detailed overview of the services which we offer.


The divorce process under the English family law is a paper exercise that results in a decree of divorce. The divorce process is not expensive and can be completed relatively quickly for cases where both parties cooperate. You can get in touch with several divorce lawyers in London and solve disputes accordingly.

Time estimates: You have to wait six weeks between Decree Nisi, court order coming to force in the near future, and Decree Absolute, the ending of the marriage. However, if there are any outstanding financial issues, the decree absolute may get delayed.

There is only one basis for a divorce in England and Wales, that is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. The irretrievable breakdown of the marriage has to be proven by establishing one of the ‘grounds’.

  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Separation for 2 years and mutual consent to Divorce
  • Separation for 5 years

Aston Brooke will help you:

  • Get you divorced with minimum fuss and aggravation
  • Negotiate a financial settlement that is fair to everyone
  • Negotiate arrangements for children
  • Protect you and your children from much of the stress associated with the divorce process
  • Get Free telephone consultation

What is the financial division in divorce?

Whatever the value of assets involved, our family law solicitors in Harrow always promote the settlement following voluntary disclosure and negotiations wherever possible. We can alternatively support mediation or act on a collaborative basis. If court proceedings are required, we will represent you thoughtfully and diligently.

The court has a wide discretion to redistribute income and assets on marriage breakdown so it is never possible to predict the award a court would order. To reduce costs and conflicts, it is vital that the issues are narrowed as much as possible, we adopt a constructive approach and sought for a compromise. Neither do we foster false hope or unrealistic expectation, nor do we shy away from giving honest advice even when it is unpalatable. Our family lawyers in London keep you fully appraised  of the costs of the proceedings and keep in mind the costs compared to the benefits. Our aim is to always provide a cost-effective service.

Our team ranges from trainee solicitors to senior solicitors with years of practice. Divorce lawyers in London match you with the solicitor best equipped to deal with your case and at an affordable fee structure. We very much work as a team, share knowledge and expertise. We have also developed close relationships with other related professionals such as accountants, actuaries, and IFAs who can give invaluable specialist advice on related matters such as tax implications and pension sharing. Our divorce lawyer in harrow help you through the financial division in divorce with minimal dispute.

How do we deal with children’s cases?

This is one of the most difficult areas of family law. Here, particular skills are required to resolve issues with minimal conflict. It is a subject that requires experience and sensitivity on the part of your adviser.

We will always look at the bigger picture with you and guide you in a way that reduces animosity and build a stable platform for your child to flourish. Our family solicitors in London also help in avoiding the negative impact of your relationship breakdown.

We deal with whole range of children’s issues that include:

  • Child Abduction – reuniting parents with children who have been removed / representing the parent who has removed. One of our team is a Resolution Accredited Specialist in this area
  • Residence – with whom a child should live
  • Shared care – trying to divide the child’s time between both parents
  • Contact – how much time the child spends with the absent partner?
  • Parental Responsibility – the right to decide and be consulted on important aspects of a child’s life
  • Prohibited Steps Orders – orders preventing one parent from doing something
  • Specific Issue Orders – orders governing a particular area of concern such as where a child should go to school or what medical treatment should be given
  • Special Guardianship – Order of the court granting rights to a non-parent and authorizing them to care for a child without severing legal ties with the birth family
  • Adoption – Please refer to our Child Care Law section for more information

We also assist you with changing your child’s name and removal from the country either permanently or for a holiday.

We feel that parents should consider trying to resolve any differences by constructive dialogue directly, via solicitors or in mediation. Our family solicitors in London acknowledge that it is not always possible and we are there to advise, support mediation, or take legal action as you require.

What is mediation?

When relationships breakdown, it is often difficult for separating couples to talk to each other. Here at aston brooke, we offer mediation, which is a service to help couples who have decided to separate or divorce. We help them communicate with each other and work out mutually acceptable arrangements.

Some of these agreements are centered for the children, property, finances and other matters. A mediated settlement is much more likely to be workable and is quicker and cheaper than going to court.

How can mediation help you?

If children are involved, it is particularly important for parents and family members to cooperate with each other to clarify issues. This would help couples reach a solution which is both fair and workable, thereby causing the minimum amount of conflict or stress. We can also help with financial settlements following a relationship breakdown.

What is the role of our mediators?

During the sessions, both of you will be encouraged to contribute equally to the discussions. A mediator will not take sides or make decisions on your behalf but will gather information and help you formulate the best outcome for all concerned. Mediation is not a reconciliation service and no attempt is made by the mediator to encourage you to rethink your decision to separate.

How long?

The length of time which is needed to reach a possible solution will depend on the individuals and their problems. Our divorce lawyer in harrow takes two to six sessions with each session lasting for about an hour and a half.

What are prenuptial and civil partnership agreements?

In order to protect your respective financial positions, you may wish to consider entering into a Prenuptial or Civil Partnership Agreement prior to entering into a marriage or civil partnership. Such an Agreement will cover the assets and items that are in the ownership of the parties’ prior to entering into the marriage or Civil Partnership and any assets acquired during the relationship. The agreement specially deals with how such assets and items will be distributed if your relationship ends and how you separate them in the future.

Aston Brooke has a wealth of experience in drafting such Agreements, giving you the best chance of financial protection in the event of the breakdown of your relationship or divorce. At the very least, we would recommend that you speak to us about a Deed of Trust on how to hold your property if it was not jointly owned or purchased. We are family law firms in London who assign divorce solicitors in Harrow to assist you through prenuptial and civil partnership agreements.

Cases with respect to injunctions and domestic abuse

There is a protection available through the Family and County Courts with respect of violence or threats of violence against spouses, partners or children. The law makes provision for an injunction against the party causing harm. There is ability, based on the evidence presented, to make an application to the Court without the other party attending in the first instance. The Judge will make a decision based on the statement of the person who is in need and brought the application to Court. The likelihood is that another Hearing will be set for a future date when the alleged aggressor will need to attend to put forward why an Order against them should not be made.

We can advise you as to the best course of action to protect yourself and your family in such circumstances and the likelihood of successfully obtaining a Non-Molestation Order or Occupation Order in order to protect your family and the family home.

We understand that discussions of this nature are personal and distressing to all parties involved. Divorce solicitors in Harrow offer a friendly, empathetic ear and will provide you with a common-sense approach to the options that are available to you.

Get a quote

Aston Brooke houses specialist solicitors who are highly experienced. You can get in touch with our family solicitors in Harrow, and they will assist you through the legal process easily. 

In regards to the service that we offer and the complexity of your case, our divorce solicitors in London will come up with a relevant price quote and share it in detail with you.

Here’s how you can reach us!

We are a 3-minute walk from St Anns Shopping centre. As you come out of the shopping centre and into Harrow town centre turn right and keep walking down and we will be on your right-hand side. There will be a glass door which will say 1-9 St Anns Road on top in black writing. Please press the keypad and our receptionist will open the door as we are on the first floor.

If you are planning to drive the closest parking will be available in St Anns or St George’s shopping centre.

If you are taking the Underground the closest station to Aston Brooke Solicitors in Harrow on the Hill Station which is on the Metropolitan line. It is a 5-minute walk from us. The quickest route is through St Anns shopping centre.

If you are planning to take the bus you can take any bus that stops at Harrow on the Hill bus station. This is a large bus station and there are many buses that stop here. This is right next to Harrow on the Hill train station and again it is a 5-minute walk to us through St Anns shopping centre.

For further information on Independent Legal advice please view our Independent Legal Advice page.

For further information or a free consultation, please contact us on 0203 475 4321 or click on the quick contact link above.

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