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Aston Brooke Solicitors is a reputable law firm based in Harrow, Middlesex. We have been serving our valued customers for over a decade by providing high quality, bespoke legal services such as Conveyancing, Litigation, Immigration and Wills & Probate and more. In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak, we are proud to be at the forefront of providing our customers with up to date news and advice on regulations regarding COVID-19. We will update our information regularly as per instructions from the Government.

As a result of the coronavirus 19 outbreak, we understand buying or selling a property can be a frightening and uncertain at this time. Aston Brooke Solicitors value our client’s health and safety and always put our client’s best interests at forefront. When moving house during a pandemic, it is imperative that we all work together to minimise spread of the virus any way we can. We have set out some of the ways you can keep safe while moving home.

With the current government guidelines on self-isolation and social distancing, it may be difficult to understand how you can help reduce the risk of spreading. If you are selling your property, you can look at decontaminating your home for the new buyer. While Covid-19 is a new strand of corona virus, the government has issued guidance based on previous strands of coronavirus. The government helps guide you to clean and disinfect your home to reduce or eliminate the virus depending on the type of material.

Where you are selling your property, it is important to ensure items such as laundry are washed and dried completely. It is advised not to shake off any damp clothing as this can spread the virus via water particles landing onto other items. It is crucial that as per your contractual liabilities when selling, you remove all waste and leave the property in good, clean and hygienic condition for the new buyer. This includes disposing cloths, tissues and any waste left over at the property. The government issues guidance on how to dispose of rubbish particularly where the items have come into contact with someone who may have symptoms of coronavirus.

It is particularly important to ensure you are wearing suitable Personal protective equipment (PPE) when cleaning. The minimum PPE advised by the government is disposable gloves and an apron. You can also wear a suitable disposable face mask to avoid any splashes or droplets landing on your face or body while cleaning. Even where you have worn the appropriate PPE, you must ensure hands are washed for at least twenty seconds after, as per the government guidelines. This will help to protect you when disinfecting your property for the new buyer and reduce the risk of the virus spreading onto further materials.

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I first used Aston Brooke Solicitors over 3 years ago. Ever since then I have given them all my legal work, I find their staff to be very helpful and easy to talk to. I have brought over 7 residential properties and 2 commercial properties - each transaction has been dealt with professionally and I have always been kept informed.

Mr A Bajwa

Great Knowledge and Efficient
I was put in touch with solicitors at Aston Brooke through a mutual friend to handle a personal Health Care case. I can not speak highly enough for the service I received. My family and I are forever grateful for the all the help on our case. Thank You.

Mr M Grice

Easy to talk to
Ray Purewal at Aston Brooke was my point of contact and I found him to be a great source of knowledge for my case. He handled everything swiftly and dealt with the opposition in the best way possible. Many Thanks Ray!

Miss L Walker

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